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Portfolio Management is used by oil well owners to plan all projects related to all the wells in their portfolio from concept to execution, till the well starts normal production. A typical portfolio may have several wells at different stages of completion, with each well having multiple projects at different phases. We enable the the well owner to manage their entire portfolio of projects, and collaborate efficiently with their partners in the marketplace. Capabilities include managing a hierarchy of projects, each with its own milestones, dependencies, resources and tasks, with capabilities sourced internally or from partners in the marketplace, factoring in real time market driven availability and costs in the required geography. Well owners can thus collaborate effectively and efficiently across organizational boundaries with real time visibility across the entire portfolio.


Well Management Dashboard is focussed on the performance of an operational well, with relevant KPIs to measure the performance against established benchmarks. Various role based dashboards are available for local, regional and HQ management staff, with appropriate near real time reporting for performance monitoring and issue resolution, thus reducing communication burden and improving efficiency. Well data is picked up at source in the specified format by onsite resources using mobile devices, or automatically using locally installed transducers.

Well Management Dashboard


Portfolio Yield Management enables management of yields across an entire portfolio of wells. Yield specific KPIs provide focus on opportunities available to increase yields of individual wells, along with increasing the overall yield across the portfolio. Yields are increased by maximizing returns and minimizing costs, based on KPI benchmarking, resulting in increased return on investments.


Well Partner Reporting focuses on generating periodic partner reports for various well stakeholders, including well owners, land owners, investors, government agencies, and other service providers. Reports have a standard format based on typical KPIs relating to well performance over the period covered by the reports. Reports can be electronically delivered to all stakeholders automatically after the period close, with no manual intervention for preparing the reports. Reports pull data from Well Management module, or from data provided in specified data templates.


Well Compliance Depot helps ensure compliance with applicable government rules and regulations, including federal, state and local, depending on the regulatory environment. Modules are available to define & track compliance with rules & regulations, including applicable paperwork, permits, insurance and safety requirements, etc. Alerts are triggered automatically in case of non-comliance thus reducing the regulatory burden on management staff while keeping the liabilities at a reasonable level. Compliance Reports can be generated on demand for surprise inspections.


Well Government Reporting focuses on generating periodic reports for various government agencies, including federal, state and local, based on defined regulatory environment. Reports have a standard format as prescribed, and have typical KPIs for the period covered by the reports. Reports are electronically delivered to the agencies automatically after period close, with no manual report prep. Reports pull data from Well Management Module, or from data provided in specified data templates. This reduces the regulatory burden on well management staff.



Transport Management can be used by well owners to manage all their transportation requirements for moving materials (including proppants, chemicals, water, assets, raw materials, oil, gas) from various sources (including raw material suppliers, water sources, asset partner locations, wells) to various destinations (including water disposal sites, oil and gas markets, industries), through consolidation and de-consolidation points using various transportation modes (including rail, truck loads, LTL, pipeline and ship). We provide optimized options using existing contracts.  



Shale Marketplace is an online collaboration platform where well owners can publish their requirements for their projects, market participants can bid for that work, secure and execute the work, and get payments. Scope covers everything related to US Shale, and participants include all shale players. Well owners can use PPE to post their requirements directly to the marketplace, and market participants can bid based on availability. Advertising opportunities are available targeted at your specific markets.

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