Online Marketplace

Collaborate across Organizations

Online Marketplace:

Online marketplace is an e-commerce website were companies engaged in US Shale Oil and Gas Industry can collaborate on all activities relating to Shale Oil and Gas Exploration and Production. Companies that own wells are be able to plan their entire portfolio of wells using online tools available for creating multiple projects for all their requirements. These projects use company resources based on availability, and are also able to post the remaining requirements directly to the marketplace. Service companies and independent contractors are able to review and respond to these opportunities in real time, and bid for these projects. Once confirmed, they can bill actuals and get payments through the system.

Well owners are able to re-evaluate their entire project portfolio in real time based on actual availability of local assets and resources for each of their multiple projects, whether the projects are in initial planning, execution or winding down. Service companies and contract resources get high visibility to opportunities across all regions and are able to increase their utilization and revenue. We also provide a social media component where clients write reviews for work completed for reference by future clients.

The online marketplace is a repository of extensive information about US Shale Oil and Gas industry, so that all interested parties frequent the website for information that they are looking for.

Casual visitors have access to a lot of information even without registering. Users that register have access to more in-depth reports available without having to pay any subscription fees. E-Commerce users who participate in transactions pay nominal fees as applicable. Information available include actual projects in execution and real time opportunities available, along with KPIs for various well operations, industry trends and government regulations.

Advertising on the Marketplace:

Companies have the opportunity to advertise on our website and reach people who are already interested in what they have to offer. Various plans are available for advertising to maximize benefit for everyone, including well owners, service companies, independent contractors, and other providers of assets and services.